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    • Cycle Ranch MX Releases January and February 2015 Schedule

      For Immediate Release, January 7, 2015

      Savanna Bragg

      Marketing and Event Coordinator


      (855) 571-6686

      FLORESVILLE, Texas — Cycle Ranch MX is pleased to announce their schedule of

      events for January and February of 2015.The schedule includes both practice and races.

      Saturday, January 10, 2015 kicks off the first open practice of the year from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., followed by Sunday open practice on Jan. 11. All open practices will include full prep with flaggers. The MotoLicious Café and Moto-Shack will be open as well.

      The following weekend includes open practice on Saturday, Jan. 17 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Round 3 of the AMA sanctioned Houston Holeshot Championship will be held on Sunday, Jan. 18.

      The Houston Holeshot Championship series is a five round series in the South Texas area, which awards the top five riders in each class, plus the holeshot winner of each class. The five rounds include 3 Palms MX in Conroe, TX, Ultimate MX in Alvin, TX, Cycle Ranch MX in Floresville, TX, Rio Bravo Motocross Park in Houston, TX and Splendora MX in Splendora, TX. Racing begins at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday.

      February will start with open practice on Saturday, Feb. 7 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., followed by open practice on Sunday the 8th. The Loretta Lynn’s Qualifier weekend will kick off with open practice on Friday, Feb. 20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday will begin the Loretta Lynn’s South Central Area Qualifier, consisting of two motos on Saturday and Sunday. Cycle Ranch is the opener for the Loretta Lynn’s South Central Area Qualifiers.

      As more events become final for 2015, Cycle Ranch will release dates for March and beyond. Details on all of 2015 events are located at www.facebook.com/cycleranchmx/events.

      January 2015 will also bring new prices at Cycle Ranch. The spectator fee for practice will be $5, and $10 for races. Practice fee for big bikes (110cc and bigger) will be $25, and for small bikes (smaller than 110cc) will be $15. The practice fee includes the gate fee, membership fee and practice sticker. Dry camping will be $15 per night, and an RV spot will be $30 per night. RV spots can be reserved by emailing info@realmotocross.com

      Cycle Ranch Motocross is a premier motocross track just outside of San Antonio, Texas. Cycle Ranch MX hosts several motocross races a year, including Loretta Lynn’s Qualifiers, The Texas State Championships and the Annual AMA USA Motocross Championships Pro-Am. The facility has over 200 acres of loamy red dirt and beautiful oak trees. Cycle Ranch has nine tracks including a National caliber motocross track that is just under 2 miles long, a GP track for ATV’s, UTV’s & bikes, a junior track, two turn tracks, supercross track, arenacross track and a sand track. The facility is located at 2066 CR 405

      Floresville, TX 78114. For more information visit www.cycleranchmx.com or call 855- 571-6686.


    • 14th Annual AMA USA MX Championships Pro-AM

      For Immediate Release, November 24, 2014

      Savanna Bragg

      Marketing and Event Coordinator


      (855) 571-6686

      FLORESVILLE, Texas — Cycle Ranch MX is pleased to announce they will be hosting the 14th Annual AMA USA MX Championships Pro-Am on November 28-30. Cycle Ranch is located at 2066 County Road 405, Floresville, TX 78114.

      The three-day racing event will include both a supercross style night race and motocross race. The motocross race will be a two-moto event, with small bikes racing on Saturday and big bikes racing on Sunday. The supercross style night race will have qualifying for gate pick on Friday night and a one moto race on Saturday night.

      “We’re expecting a much larger turnout for our 2014 race,” Amie Magallon, Director of Marketing said. “ Not only do we have more sponsors than last year, but this year we’ve added five live bands for entertainment, and brought on Chef O’Campo from the Culinary Arts Institute of America to cook in our MotoLicous Café. Our number one goal is to put this race back on the map and continue to watch it grow towards its former glory.”

      Pre-registration for the event is open until Nov. 26, at a discounted rate of $40. On Nov. 28, registration will be available on-site for $45. For Pro classes, the pre-registration rate of $55 will be available until Nov. 26, and registration will be available on-site on Nov. 28 for $65. Pre-registration is available here.

      RV and camper hook-up spots are also available to book by emailing info@realmotocross.com.

      The event is AMA sanctioned, meaning riders can earn point towards their pro card. There will be $25,000 worth of contingencies and a $4,000 pro payout. Contingency sponsors include: Cylinder Works, D’Moto Powersports, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, FLY Racing, Hinson, KTM, Matrix Concepts, Maxima, Motion Pro, Motoshack, Pivot Works, RaceTech, Scott, Speed Graffix, TJ’s Cycles, Vertex, VP, Wiseco and Yamaha Motorsports.

      All riders who pre-register will receive a free Thanksgiving meal at the Cycle Ranch Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday night from 6-8 p.m. Chef Ocampo will cater the dinner. Please RSVP for the Thanksgiving dinner here by Tuesday, Nov. 25 at midnight.

      Spectator passes are available for purchase online. A 1-day spectator pass is available for $15, a 2-day pass is available for $25 and an all weekend pass is available for $35. You can purchase spectator passes here.

      For more information on the event, please visit www.usamxchampionships.com. For more information about Cycle Ranch MX, please visit www.cycleranchmx.com.


    • Cycle Ranch Unveils New Arenacross Track

      For Immediate Release

      November 14, 2014

      Savanna Bragg

      Marketing and Event Coordinator


      (855) 571-6686

      FLORESVILLE, Texas — Cycle Ranch MX is pleased to announce the completion of an on-site full-sized Arenacross track. The track will be open to the public beginning tomorrow, Nov. 15.

      The facility held a press day yesterday to announce the opening of the track. Select riders including Dylan Pemberton, John Belding, John Tsako, John Valdez, Kyle Swanson, Jacob Hinson, Dave Spencer, Airrun Spencer and Bryan Spencer were given the opportunity to test out the track yesterday as well.

      The track dimensions and layout are very similar to the AMA Amsoil Arenacross track design. With a 55’ finish line jump, and 24’ wide lanes, the track is tame enough for all skills levels, but is designed for advanced riders. Cycle Ranch engineered the track particularly for riders to improve their timing, corner skills and shifting.

      Effective tomorrow, November 15, the track will be open to ride. All size bikes are allowed on the track, and there is no age restriction. There is an additional $15 fee to ride the Arenacross track, aside from the $10 gate fee (required for both spectators and riders) and $5-$15 practice sticker, depending on bike size. The practice sticker is $5 for 85cc bikes and smaller, and $15 for bikes larger than 85cc.

      Cycle Ranch designed the track for riders to use as a stepping-stone to reaching their goals of riding professionally in the AMA Monster Energy Supercross, presented by FELD motorsports. Arenacross is similar to Supercross in terms of racing style and track design, but is often viewed as the amateur sport to Supercross.

      “This is the first public track to offer Supercross style riding to non-pros,” Kyle Swanson. “It’s a great track for riders who are working towards AMA Arenacross and Supercross, to get their feet wet.”

      After completion of the Arenacross track, Cycle Ranch has eight open tracks at the facility including a Supercross track, National track, Jr. track, Night track, GP track, Sand track and Corner track. The facility is located at 2066 CR 405 Floresville, TX 78114. For more information about Cycle Ranch MX, please visit www.cycleranchmx.com.



    • Cycle Ranch Hosts USA MX Championships Pro AM

      Floresville, TX – Cycle Ranch MX was pleased to host the annual USA MX Championships Pro AM this past weekend. (November 28-December 1st) With lots of racing on hand, and a $10K Purse on the line, plenty of pros and amateurs alike lined up to race the Motocross and Supercross style formatted races.

      To start the weekend, Cycle Ranch held open practice on Thanksgiving day for all racers and hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner for all who attended as a sign of gratitude.  All amateurs got a piece of the motocross and supercross format Friday when they raced their first moto on the outdoor track in the morning and later on in the evening raced a moto on the illustrious night track built by Dream Traxx.

      Saturday hosted a day full of amateur racing and the Pro class battling for the $10,000 purse. Pro classes raced 20 minute motos plus 2 laps that proved to be a battle ‘til the end every single moto. 17 riders lined up in both Pro Classes (250 and 450) on the day track and battled until the very end but only 2 riders came out on top with overalls, San Antonio native Kyle Swanson and Decatur’s very own Mitchell Oldenburg.

      Supercross style racing in the evening proved to be a success as well. Friday night were qualifiers for all amateurs making Saturday the night to make their own name. Amateurs battled their hearts out for overalls and with such a good turnout it proved to be a night full of highlights. Plenty of A class riders showed as well even after a long day of 25 minute motos on the day track. Dylan Kirchner and Robert Adcock took the top spots of the night for a huge purse at Cycle Ranch.

      The USA MX Championships Pro AM turned out to be a great thanksgiving weekend full of exhilarating action and a memory bank full of heartfelt recollections. Cycle Ranch would like to send out a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone that came out and attended the event, we couldn’t do it without all of you.

      For More Information about the event, visit USAMXChampionships.com. For more information on the facility, visit CycleRanchMX.com. For highlights on the event, please view it here: https://vimeo.com/80962347

      Cycle Ranch would like to thank our sponsors who helped support this event:

      Cycle Ranch MX, Real Motocross, Yamaha, Motolicious, TJ’s Cycle, Yamaha Fun Center, Hinson, Matrix Concepts, Fly Racing, Motion Pro, Maxima Racing Oils, MotoShack.com, No Toil, Race Tech, Sunstar, Pivot Works, Cylinder Works, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Vertex, and VP Racing.



    • The Texas Night Series at Cycle Ranch - Riders to Watch at the Shootout

      5/19/14 For immediate release.

      This past weekend Cycle Ranch brought the Texas Night Series south to just outside San Antonio, Texas for the first time in history! The night track which locals call “The field of Dreams,” was designed by the best in the business. With a supercross feel, pros lay down lap times of just over a minute while battling for a large purse. Video highlights of the event have been uploaded to the Cycle Ranch YouTube channel and photos have been posted on the Facebook Fan Page.  Several gates across the 30 classes were near full and the fast, jump filled loamy dirt gave way to some amazing racing.  Among those that came out this weekend, a few really stood out and are our Riders to Watch for the rest of the series and have a great shot at winning the shootout at the end of the year.

      Our first Rider  to Watch, Mark Stone Jr., was faced with first moto mechanical issues that tried to knock down the confidence of young rider but he refused to give up. He fought back and even though he faced adversity, he came back out for the second moto ready to fight for a championship. With a great attitude and lots of natural talent look for this kid to be fighting for a championship throughout his career.

      In Schoolboy 12-16 there were some of the fiercest battles of the night we actually have to make mention of five riders who seemed to battle with each other the whole night. Mike Belding rode his heart out chasing Hunter Budd, who laid down some of the fastest laps of the night, while Luke McMullen & Chase Sipes were battling in the first moto like the ‘Hatfields & McCoys’.

      Schoolboy 12-16 - Overall Finish Positions






      http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gifMoto 1http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gif

      http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gifMoto 2http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gif



       KELLER, TX 





       PEARSALL, TX 















       SCHERTZ, TX 




      In the 85cc 9-13 Open Class the #12 Yamaha pilot Christian Fernandez rode like a man possesed. Christian rode all night, like he was trying to make a statement that if he lines up in the gate, his competitors should admit defeat before the gate drops. The only thing Christian seemed to have a hard time with was shutting off the throttle. Not only was he on the gas all night but he was also one of few who could jump the triple and still make the inside line before the second set of whoops on the Field of Dreams.

      85cc 9-13 “Open” - Overall Finish Positions






      http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gifMoto 1http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gif

      http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gifMoto 2http://www.tracksideresults.com/scorekeepers/results/images/spacer.gif



       CROSBY, TX 



      We have a new section in Riders to Watch: The Inspirational Moment of the Night. This is awarded to the people that elevate the MX Family with their positive actions & attitudes. These people know that racing is more than just a sport: it’s a true community. Our first winner is Uriah Westmorland who encouraged and supported his son Jeremiah,  who is new to the sport. He was right there as his son struggled through some really deep sand in the whoops. Jeremiah tipped over a few times so his father, Uriah, began running along side cheering “I am right here buddy, you are doing great, keep going, you can do it!.”   Its these moments that remind us that racing isn’t just about winning, it’s also about the opportunities it creates for friends and family to build each other up and create a positive experience. This is time spent building character, making memories and being the role models that we want our children to pattern themselves after.







      About Cycle Ranch:

      Cycle Ranch Motocross Park & Events Center is a 200 acre facility which hosts several motocross races, mud runs, benefits, music festivals, weddings, birthday parties and street rallies each year. At Cycle Ranch there is a 1.6+ mile, 30 foot wide national caliber track, a replica of the 2014 Dallas SX, Jr. Track, Grand Prix Track for Vets, Atv’s and Utvs, Night Racing MX Track and several turn tracks. Motolicious Cafe serves everything from Organic Vegan & Gluten free options to your favorite beers. The park has 2 Cabins, 30 RV hook-ups and plenty of dry camping available.

      Our 7200 square foot pavilion, cafe with organic options, bleachers, hot showers, bathrooms and proshop welcome guests year round. The cafe has a catwalk which offers panoramic views of the main track’s starting area. Covered bleachers offer escape from the Texas sun and allow spectators to see the majority of the racing action.

      With pristine oak trees, manicured lawns, a playground, trampoline, BBQ & fire pits and hammocks around the property,the grounds feel more like a sanctuary. Cycle Ranch isn’t just a motocross track- it’s a different world..   Feel free to contact us about hosting your upcoming events.


    • Cycle Ranch Loretta Lynn’s Qualifier Comes Out With A Bang

      April 1st, 2014


      Floresville, Texas – Cycle Ranch MX was honored to hold a 2014 Loretta Lynn’s Area Qualifier in the South Central Region for all small and big bikes to come out and compete for the right to earn a ticket to Loretta Lynn’s at a regional race in June. With 550 entries attending the event, spectators saw tons of bar banging racing and exciting racers. Cycle Ranch had packed gates, multiple divisions for classes and hundreds of racers who pushed their bikes to the limit to qualify for the South Central Regional Round.

      Saturday, March 29, marked the first of the two day event, where we saw plenty of small bike riders, big bike riders, soon to be professionals and even the amateur women racing for the right to head to a regional. With a day full of motos and a track that held up great, the fans from the fence saw nothing but racing that kept them on their toes.

      Sunday, March 30, gave us another view of small and big bikes, along with another A class. The veteran riders got to join the festivities on Sunday as well, showing the spirit that the love for motocross never dies. With a few more packed gates and a great staff, the track ran quickly and smoothly. The entire weekend was successful for many families and let most of the riders get out safe and back home.

      Overall, the weekend turned out to be a big success for Cycle Ranch with a huge turnout of riders and spectators alike. With such a well prepared track and some good weather, everyone on the track had a chance to have some fun. Come out and ride!


      About Cycle Ranch: Cycle Ranch Motocross is a premier motocross track just outside of San Antonio, Texas. With over 20 motocross racing events each year Cycle Ranch crowns several motocross champions each year. Cycle Ranch Motocross has been home to the 4-stroke nationals, multiple loretta lynn’s MX Qualifiers, Santacross, The USA Championship, The realMotocross.com Texas Two-Stroke Championships, Texas State Finals, The Winter Crown Series, The Main Event MX Series, EVO Vintage MX Series & The Texas State Championships.

      Cycle Ranch Motocross has over 100 acres of red dirt and beautiful oak trees. Over the course of the 100+ acres the soil changes from Clay to Sand and a great mix in between.  Cycle Ranch has a national caliber MX track that is just under 2 miles long, a GP track for ATV’s, UTV’s & bikes, a Junior Track, Turn Track, Supercross Style Track and Some Trails.


    • Cycle Ranch Proudly Presents The Race of Heroes & Street Bike Rally 1st Annual Center For the Intrepid Benefit Race

      Cycle Ranch is excited to announce that on June 21st we will host our 1st Annual Street Rally & MX Race of Heroes,  A Center For The Intrepid (CFI) Benefit Race. The creation of the  Center For The Intrepid was entirely funded through donations.  The technological breakthroughs at the CFI not only give injured soldiers the possibility of a healthy future, but the very tools used in physical therapy and prosthetics can directly be translated to an injured athlete such as a  motocross rider.

      Motorcycling is a family community and there are many of our family members that must undergo the physical rehab that the CFI provides. The motorcycling family, like the military family, is not specific to any 1 region, state, country or branch of service.  So we are excited to bring the family together from far and wide to celebrate our nation’s bravest and most valued. There will be a bike rally all day and into the night motocross racing will begin along with live entertainment.

      Over 600,000 Americans came together to create the Center for Intrepid entirely through donations.  The Center For The Intrepid is dedicated  to and has treated over 30 thousand severely wounded military heroes whose selfless sacrifices for our Nation entitle them to the best rehabilitative care available.

      This four-story 65,000 square foot facility includes clinical, research, and administrative space, a gait lab, a computer assisted rehabilitation environment, a pool, an indoor running track, a two-story climbing wall, and a prosthetic fabrication lab.  The CFI provides service members with severe extremity injuries and amputations the opportunity to maximize their ability to not just live & work productively but potentially resume their favorite hobbies such as ride and race motocross!

      We’re also openly extending invitations to all prior MX & SX Champions and legends to attend this incredible event. If you think of a champion or legend of the sport…they’re invited. They don’t ride anymore? They’re invited. They dont want to race? They’re invited. They cant make it? They’re still invited. Picture your favorite prior champions & legends coming around the first turn and dropping down #1 or locked in a battle of fun as they step up into the ‘catchers mitt’. Now imagine, they’ve shown up to help us raise money that helps our nation’s bravest men & women working hard on rehabilitation at the San Antonio Based Center For The Intrepid.

      We look forward to having each of you participate in not just a monumental event for the motocross community but a life changing tradition which will help allow our nations heroes to be able to once again do the very things we take for granted each day. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you at the race. If you would like to get involved volunteers, financial & auction donations please contact Spencer McGinnis at s@realmotocross.com or 210.383.5385


      Street Rally & MX Race of Heroes

      1st Annual Center For The Intrepid Benefit Race

      Cycle Ranch Motocross Park & Events CenterJune 21, 2014

      2066 County Road 405 Floresville, TX  78114



    • Christian Trevino Earns a Factory Ride from RaceTech

      As many of you know for the Winter Crown Series at Cycle Ranch Race Tech Suspension stepped up in a very creative way.  They offered a factory level sponsorship to one rider who had perfect attendance throughout the series.  This was a way to reward one rider who has the tenacity and dedication to make it to every single round of the series.  Once The Winter Crown was over riders who had perfect attendance had one more step to complete.  A questionnaire was posted which included several insightful details about the riders past and future.  I had the pleasure of working with Race Tech to pick the winner.  Reading through these interviews gave me great insight to each riders motivation for riding and allowed me to get to know them all significantly better.  It was the best reading I have done in a long time!  When all was said and done Christian Trevino was selected to be the winner.  For the rest of 2013 he will have a full factory ride from Race Tech and if he continues to compete he could have a factory ride for life! So what did we learn about Christian and what should you know so that you have a good shot at the next big award?


      First of all you need to show up.  Perfect attendance at 7 events is hardly a feat that is difficult to accomplish, it’s only seven days and they were all Sundays but coming to each race showed a level of commitment.  Like the saying goes “You got to be in it to win it.” Christian showed up to every round ready to race. Beyond that Christian is a great student at school and trains religiously for motocross.  


      We sat down with Christian and asked a few questions about his career and what motivates him the most.


      IG: How did you get into racing?

      My Dad raced motocross, so he got me my first dirt bike when I turned 5 yrs old.

      IG: What class do you race? How long have you been racing it?

      Supermini .  I’ve been racing Supermini for just over a year.


      IG: what is your best finish?

      1st Place Overall for Winter Crown & Summer Sizzle Series (Supermini Class)


      IG: What is your favorite track and why?

      CT: Cycle Ranch because the dirt is always good and prepped very well by Todd and crew.

      IG: Who are your sponsors?

      CT:  Race Tech and Mom & Dad. Robust Energy just picked me up for the rest of the MotoMania Series with the help of Cycle Ranch so that’s helping out big time.


      IG: What rider(s) inspire you?

      CT: Kevin Windham and Adam Cianciarulo


      IG: Why do you spend your weekends at Cycle Ranch? What is your take on the new night track?

      CT: Cycle Ranch is like my second home so I enjoy being there as much as I can.

      I like the new night track because the jumps are big and you can catch a lot of air.  It reminds me of a supercross track.

      IG: What do you think of the new MotoMania Program? How about the class MotoShack MiniMania which pays out $4000 to riders in contingency for the series?

      CT:  It’s definitely a more competitive series.  I like the MiniMania because it combines all the mini riders and racing for the contingency/AMEX giftcards is extra motivating.

      IG: If you are not on a dirt bike what do you spend your time going?

      CT: Riding my BMX bike, playing football and basketball.


      IG: Any goals in MX?

      CT: To be the best rider I can be so I can qualify for Loretta Lynn’s.


      IG: What motivates you the most?

      CT: The love of riding and the competition.


      IG: What is your dream bike?

      CT:  KTM 250 2 Stroke

      IG: Anything else we missed?

      CT: I want to thank Realmotocross.com & Iain Grae for stepping up and making Cycle Ranch a dream track. Riding and racing motocross has allowed me to meet a lot of new friends and families who have been very supportive. I want to thank my family for supporting and providing me great bikes and the best equipment available to do what I love.


      IG: OK, OK, Enough brown nosing - go ride!


      For MotoMania we don’t have a perfect attendance award instead we have a most points award - the more classes you race and win, the better chance at getting the award.  What’s the award this time? A $500 American Express Gift Card.  We did this as a way for Pro’s to Pee Wees to have a way to compete and also a way to help give back. This sport is not cheap and every bit helps for every rider.


    • 2013 Winter Crown Finale

      The grand Finale of The Winter Crown at Cycle Ranch was a weekend full of surprises.  At 6:30 pm Saturday night racers sat down for a chili cook off to benefit riderdown.org, immediately following was an auction with products from Munn Racing, Motocross Vest, Race Tech and….

      At 8:00 fans and riders took to the dance floor as cover band Eddie & The Boozers took to the stage.  And then came the rain… it does not rain much in Texas but when it does it pours.  After over 3 inches of rain came down, along with strong winds and hail racing seemed questionable at best.  The event had brought in over $3,000 to rider down which was a huge success but everyone was there to race too! At 4 am Todd Osborn & Steve Smith took to working on the track. With irrigation already in place it was now going to be a true test to see if the track could be saved.  Just after 9 am practice begun and after half a site lap riders began to throw down.  Aside from lakes on the outskirts of every corner the track was prepped shaping up as if it hadn’t poured!


      By one races were back on schedule and the track was rutted up deeply.  In the first 450A & 250A motos team realMotocross rider Tyler LIvesay swept both motos in fashionable style - while in moto 2 for the 450’s he crashed in the second turn, remounted and on the last lap passed for the lead coming from dead last. In the second 250 moto Tyler missed the moto entirely and gave the overall to Jacob Turbyfill who went 3-1 for 1st overall with Dylan Pemberton going 2-2 for second overall and Tyler Juarez 4-3 for 3rd overall.  The 250 C motos were also extremely exciting with AJ Ramirez and Bailey Plouffe battling out the entire moto. AJ would eventually go on for the overall.


      With the first Winter Crown Series wrapped up titles will be awarded later this month along with some amazing contingencies at Cycle Ranch MX Park. Stay tuned to www.cycleranchmx.com for details.



    • realMotocross.com Title Sponsor’s the Texas 2-Stroke Spring Cup at Cycle Ranch

      On March 24th, 2012, the inaugural 2-Stroke Spring Cup will be held at Cycle Ranch Motorsports Park in Floresville, TX.  The event will be the first of its kind in southern Texas with over 30 race classes for two-strokes and another four that will pit Four Strokes against two strokes.  With over $5,000 in pro payouts and awards & prizes for all riders from companies like Scott USA, Wiseco, Risk Racing, Six12 Suspension and realMotocross.  Not one rider will go away empty handed.  


      With a national caliber motocross track that boasts lap times well over two minutes, rolling elevation changes, several jumps and two whoop sections Cycle Ranch is unparalleled in southern Texas.  “After riding at Cycle Ranch we just knew we needed to be a part of this event. Few places in the country have dirt this good.  The track layout is both challenging and safe and the award program we were able to put together is amazing.  We’ve got amazing brands behind us and even are giving out free massages to three riders. This event is going to be talked about for years to come.”  replied Iain Grae, CEO of realMotocross when asked about the event. This event will also give top riders a chance to be in the limelight as they will be interviewed as they exit the track. RSVP now for the realMotocross Texas 2-Stroke Spring Cup


      This series is one of a kind: it is filled with the rising stars of motocross, the rich tradition and history of racing, and head-to-head battles between 2-strokes and 4-strokes. There will be plenty of additional entertainment as J P Parsons, the Mouth of the South, will be announcing for all classes.  J P is infamous for his ability to get the crowd involved in each class.  When asked his thoughts on the title sponsorship, George Russell, Cycle Ranch Director replied. “I am excited to be working with realMotocross.com as Title Sponsor for the Texas 2-Stroke Cup Series, as both of our organizations are passionate about motocross and are devoted to promoting the sport.”  During the day there will be food on hand, access to the Moto-Shack MX shop and for those staying over night Toronto SX will be airing live at the Pavilion.

      About Cycle Ranch:

      Cycle Ranch is situated on 108 acres of red dirt with a mix of clay and sand. Beautiful oak trees are scattered throughout the facility, with several camping areas and RV hook-ups. The main track is over 1.5 miles long and 30 feet wide. There is a junior beginner track, a series of turn tracks, motocross schools. There are permanent bathrooms, private stalls with hot/cold showers, two covered pavilions with picnic tables, covered grandstands that seat 800 behind The Catchers Mitt, where you can see the races up close and personal. There is also a free bike wash. Moto-Shack is a full service shop on premises.


      About realMotocross:

      RealMotocross is a social network specifically geared towards the motocross &

      dirt bike riding and racing. realMotocross allows motocross fans, riders and racers

      a chance to meet up and discuss all things motocross! Members can find

      sponsors; create race resumes, review mx tracks & products, as well as, get

      instant discounts on several motocross products. It’s the only site that is 100%

      free for motocross riders and promoters. Check out and upload your own

      motocross & dirt bike racing videos and pictures.


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