Welcome to Cycle Ranch

If you are reading this memo, we believe in you.

If you are reading this memo, we are calling on you to be part of our family. The initiation is simple, but very important – all we ask is that you:
– have perspective & enlightenment
– be inspiring & passionate
– promote goodness
– be a catalyst for improvement
– promote health

The mission: “To inspire people to bring their friends and family to spend every weekend at Cycle Ranch; riding, racing, & promoting motocross.”

Get enlightened…

Times have changed drastically. The world that we live in is now full of more information than ever but the depth in that information is seldom pursued. While people find time to update their posts on social networks they neglect to call their closest friends or family members. We now have more knowledge of health and nutrition but armed with that knowledge society has the largest and growing obese & diabetic population. The majority of people spend time in an office, cube, or car that is more like a coop than a place fit for a human.

Spending their entire week looking forward to escaping a life behind a screen. A sedentary lifestyle has brought about both mental and physical deficiencies.

Cycle Ranch is that escape.

It is an escape to a happy, healthy and harmonious place that everyone longs for during the week. Our riders who are families, long time & new friends make sacrifices in all facets of their lives just so that they can make it to the track. When they choose Cycle Ranch it is our responsibility to make that choice exceed expectations…The land that is Cycle Ranch was designed by the earth to be a sanctuary. We have been given 2066 CR 405 to bring smiles to the faces of thousands and one day millions. It is with undying conviction that each of us must set forth each day to do just that. What we do at Cycle Ranch makes each person’s daily sacrifice justifiable just so that they can come back and enjoy it again next weekend. Below are some of the over arching traits that when followed will keep each of us true to our course.

Be inspiring & passionate…

Inspire everyone to participate in the sport. Riders should ride, train, and race more. Parents need to ride with their kids, invest in their child’s success and use motocross as a form to educate their children about commitment, dedication, tenacity, and how to win and lose graciously. Sponsors need to invest in riders and facilities to ride at in order to grow their customer base rather than competing for a small pie for the sport. Exude passion when you speak so that no one ever questions what you are doing, instead they immediately wish they were doing something so cool and want to do whatever they can to be a part of it…believe in what we do.

Promote goodness…

Everyone should have a smile when they get here and their cheeks should hurt when they leave. We get to work here while most spend their workweek longing to be here every day, never lose sight of that and make sure we keep customers longing to come back every week.

Catalyst for improvement…

Everything you say and do should be something that you are proud of- otherwise don’t bother. Every little thing we do can have profound impacts- make sure the details are right and the end result will be too. We all need a little help sometimes so if you see a coworker or customer that needs to be reminded of this do it, gently but effectively.

Make it right for the customer whenever humanly possible. Take ownership of everything you touch.

Do not be afraid to experiment with a specific hypothesis – if you don’t achieve what you set out to often times there will be inspiring revelations along the way.

Promote health…

Riding & racing is never just a hobby; it is a lifestyle. It is an addiction and it will also keep you young forever. Keeping rider’s safe on the track by having challenging yet forgivable obstacles is crucial to our success. An injured rider is always upsetting to see and it is also bad for business. This also means enforcement of rules in the pits- our spectators and riders must be injury free. It is important that not only do the employees follow and enforce the rules but we empower the customers to help. Our training programs are not just revenue models. The better people know how to ride, the fewer injuries we will see, in addition we will see the talent pool bring Cycle Ranch national recognition.

Motocross is a physically demanding sport and educating riders and their families on nutrition is a key component to improving the longevity of the entire community. Always provide healthy options, nutritional resources and promoting overall nutritional health will keep our community fit, young, and growing.

We must show appreciation, recognition, and praise for each day we have at the park with our family of fellow motocrossers.
We must demonstrate that we care, it is a foundation for promoting goodness.
We must let others know their opinions are appreciated and considered, it is the catalyst for which improvements are made.
We must commit to safety, health, and nutrition for the longevity of our brothers and sisters.
We must show a sense of pride and commitment to excellence.
Stay Cool,

Iain Grae

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