November 17, 2014 admin

2013 Winter Crown Finale


The grand Finale of The Winter Crown at Cycle Ranch was a weekend full of surprises.  At 6:30 pm Saturday night racers sat down for a chili cook off to benefit, immediately following was an auction with products from Munn Racing, Motocross Vest, Race Tech and….

At 8:00 fans and riders took to the dance floor as cover band Eddie & The Boozers took to the stage.  And then came the rain… it does not rain much in Texas but when it does it pours.  After over 3 inches of rain came down, along with strong winds and hail racing seemed questionable at best.  The event had brought in over $3,000 to rider down which was a huge success but everyone was there to race too! At 4 am Todd Osborn & Steve Smith took to working on the track. With irrigation already in place it was now going to be a true test to see if the track could be saved.  Just after 9 am practice begun and after half a site lap riders began to throw down.  Aside from lakes on the outskirts of every corner the track was prepped shaping up as if it hadn’t poured!


By one races were back on schedule and the track was rutted up deeply.  In the first 450A & 250A motos team realMotocross rider Tyler LIvesay swept both motos in fashionable style – while in moto 2 for the 450’s he crashed in the second turn, remounted and on the last lap passed for the lead coming from dead last. In the second 250 moto Tyler missed the moto entirely and gave the overall to Jacob Turbyfill who went 3-1 for 1st overall with Dylan Pemberton going 2-2 for second overall and Tyler Juarez 4-3 for 3rd overall.  The 250 C motos were also extremely exciting with AJ Ramirez and Bailey Plouffe battling out the entire moto. AJ would eventually go on for the overall.


With the first Winter Crown Series wrapped up titles will be awarded later this month along with some amazing contingencies at Cycle Ranch MX Park. Stay tuned to for details.