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Lunch & Food Workshop at Spring Break Camp

Lunch & Food Workshop at Spring Break Camp

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Do you feel fueled by your food? Or do you experience brain fog, lethargy, bloating, and other symptoms that slow you down after eating? We consume food, literally, to fuel us through our day... yet most Americans walk through life feeling bogged down by their meals. Join the Trackside Cafe team to share meals that optimize your physical health, brain health and mental health all while learning about how to create healthful meals for yourself, tips for navigating the grocery isles and tricks for reading food labels.

Wednesday: Eating the Rainbow with Emily. We will enjoy a delicious, colorful, nutrient-dense meal together while learning about the super powers our food can give us.

Thursday: Build-a-Better-Burger. Enjoy lunch from the Trackside Cafe grill while Emily dishes out ways to make your plate serve your health.
Fee covers the food provided at the workshop, or one meal at the cafe.

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