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RACE READY - Daily Riding, Camping & Admission

RACE READY - Daily Riding, Camping & Admission

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Open practice will be held on all other tracks except the night track for this day.

Race Ready is held on the night track and places an an emphasis on making it easy for anyone new to racing.

With several beginners classes those who are less experienced racers will learn the ropes of motocross racing. This includes the VET riders and focuses in on the kids.

We have taken great consideration while creating classes for the little ones, the future of our sport.

For the real little ones we have a shortened course that even the most timid Stacycs & PW50 riders can navigate. While the bigger bikes get use of the entire night track which is toned down for this event.

For those who are more advanced and have the itch to race we have a few classes. One open class (sorry no 450’s) and The new Smoking Deuces class made just for two strokes.

We will run a 2 moto format just like at the bigger races.

Beginner racers will have shorter (3) lap motos and a 15 minute practice session so that the pressure is off but everyone still gets plenty of track time.

Advanced classes will have 5 lap motos.

Race registration is $5 more per class at the track and if using a credit card a surcharge will be added to cover the cost of payment processing.

Registration opens at the track at 12PM & Closes 1:30PM.

11:30 Racing overview, practice starts and get all your questions answered. (pavilion)

1:45 Riders Meeting & Service @ the start of the track.

2:30 Practice

4:30 National Anthem, Racing

Pre Entry Fees: 

Gas $30 (+5 post entry)

Electric $15 (+5 post entry)

Crew: $8

Spectator: $10


MiniE 4-6
MiniE 7-8
Stacyc 12"Stacyc 16"
Stacyc 4 & Under
Stacyc 5+
Stacyc Brushless Open
50cc Air Cooled
50cc Beginner (up to 3 races)
50cc 4-6
50cc 7-8
50cc Open 4-8
65cc Beginner (up to 3 races)
65cc 7-9
65cc 10-11
65cc Open
85/150cc Beginner (up to 3 races)
50cc Pit Bike thru 10
110cc Pit Bike thru 10
110cc Pit Bike 11-15
Pit Bike Beginner thru 15 (up to 3 races)
110cc Pit Bike 16+
VET BEGINNER (up to 5 races)
VET 30+ (B/C/D)
BEGINNER OPEN - 125cc-450cc (up to 5 races)
FAST 2 STROKE LITES 105cc-151cc
FAST 2 STROKE OPEN 125cc-500cc
FAST OPEN (Big Bike Incl. 4 Strokes)

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