July 16th - Lucky Motocross St. Judes Charity Race

Ladies and gentlemen, race fans from around the world, the ultimate motocross showdown rocked Cycle Ranch MX in Floresville, TX! On July 16, 2023, the earth-shattering rumble of engines filled the air as the Lucky Motocross St. Judes Charity Race took center stage!

Hundreds of spectators got to witness a heart-pounding weekend of amateur motocross racing like you've never seen before! Over 100 courageous racers, representing all ages and skill levels, converged on the renowned Cycle Ranch track, transforming it into a battleground of sheer determination and skill!

Hometown heroes Cade Ackerman and Preston Smith, two San Antonio natives, were split by the relentless racer, Elliot Bowsher, as they engaged in a fierce battle that lasted throughout their motos. These warriors have honed their skills at Cycle Ranch, and their hard work paid off with an astonishing display of raw talent and unwavering dedication!

But let's not forget the dominance of local pro racer and trainer, Brandon Mason! With unwavering focus and unparalleled precision, Mason conquered the treacherous track, leaving his competitors in awe. He showcased the true essence of motocross mastery, captivating the audience and fellow racers alike!

Over 300 spectators filled the bleachers, their voices thundering with excitement as they cheered relentlessly for their favorite riders! Meanwhile, children reveled in the electrifying BMX pump track, riding stacyc's and refreshing water activities, providing a cool respite from the scorching Texas sun!

And here's a message for all you motocross fanatics out there – mark your calendars for the upcoming Best of Texas event, taking place on August 12th and 13th! This is your chance to secure your spot in the motocross extravaganza of the year! Pre-entry registration and RV spots are now available for purchase on the official Texas Night Series website! Don't miss out on this adrenaline-fueled experience of a lifetime!

But the excitement doesn't end there, fight fans! Cycle Ranch MX is your ultimate destination for daily Moto, BMX, and Stacyc riding! Feel the rush of the track as you push your limits, and revel in the state-of-the-art facilities that will leave you breathless!

Meanwhile at the Trackside Cafe, your pit stop for mouthwatering food, invigorating coffee, refreshing smoothies, and even essential parts for your ride! The fuel you need to keep going is just a stone's throw away!

Cycle Ranch MX prides itself on creating a family-friendly environment, catering to the needs of riders of all ages. There's never a dull moment with activities designed to keep the kids entertained and ensure everyone has an unforgettable experience!

For the latest updates, race results, and future events, visit cycleranchmx.com! Stay in the know by following @cycleranchmx on Instagram, where the excitement continues to unfold!

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Ladies and gentlemen, the motocross revolution has begun at Cycle Ranch MX! Prepare yourselves for an unparalleled experience of speed, skill, and pure adrenaline!
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