We Create Enriching Experiences

At Cycle Ranch we have a family friendly, safe environment tailored to help children grow in mind, body and spirit.

Our camps are designed with safety at the forefront while giving children the opportunity to learn discipline, goal setting, improve social skills and confidence through play.

Programs With Choice

We have multiple programs types available. We offer overnight camp, drop and your child may bring their own bike & gear or we can provide all that is needed.

We also have multiple camp dates available. Call us for discounts when booking multiple dates.


Our Values

Honor & Respect

We treat each other with honor and consideration. We believe that how we treat others is a reflection of how we treat and feel about ourselves. The Golden Rule.

Fun & Togetherness

We are here to enjoy ourselves and indulge in a slice of heaven that has been created. We are doing this together, we keep the vibe high and consider others so all can enjoy.

Growth & Discipline

We recognize that we are always learning and growing. Having a positive attitude and a disciplined strategy keeps us on the path to achieving our goals.

Safety & Awareness

The activities we enjoy have inherent risks so we take safety precautions to minimize them. We take note of our surroundings, wear the proper equipment and create a culture of safety where all can enjoy Cycle Ranch.

Health is Paramount

Children are fed from locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. Kids even get the opportunity to choose their own eggs from chickens on site and at times pick from our garden.

We take the time to educate them on healthy foods and how to easily prepare them so they can choose wisely when nourishing their bodies.

Moto Camp & More

While the main focus of the camp is around motorcycling for beginners this camp is so much more. Activities include: Hikes in nature, time on our ranch, goal setting, food preparation & healthy eating, water activities, BMX/MTB, exercising and fitness.

Our Bikes

Our fleet of bikes includes Stacyc, KTM & Mantis ebikes which are perfect to help even the most timid of riders. They offer many unique features including power adjustments to help the newbies gain confidence.

Our fleet of gas powered bikes ranges from 70cc-150cc dirt bikes that help riders progress at higher levels. These bikes are modest in power and can also handle challenging obstacles along with light jumping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Age related questions

My child is over or under the suggested age of the camp. Can they still attend?

Yes, they still may be eligible. The age ranges in our camp are designed to keep groups of certain maturity levels together. the younger kid with older siblings can often keep up with the older kids and the older kid with the younger sibling can often have the patience to self regulate when a younger kid is not moving at a quicker pace. Please call us to discuss so we can work together to see what's best for your child(ren).

Do you have any type of scholarships?

We often work with parents to help ease the financial burdens of a camp. This usually winds up being a work/trade where the parents aid the camp in some way so that their child can attend at a reduced rate.

Parental Accommodations

This camp is for children to have an experience that can be independent of parental influence, however many parents choose to stay nearby or camp on site. Cycle Ranch offers full RV hook-ups, 5th wheel rentals and is close to several major hotels. Parents are welcome to be on site but are not participants in the camp itself.

Can we use our own bike?

Yes, your child may use their own bike so long as it is in the same class as the bikes we provide. We utilize pit/trail bikes for this camp - it is not a race camp (we hve these elsewhere in our calendar.)

Call Us Now to Discuss

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs. While our operating hours are 7 days a week 9-4; feel free to call us at any time as we often can answer questions after hours. 323.484.6686

Our Coaches & Counselors

Our coaches are Certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation as instructors in motorcycle lessons. This means they go through rigorous training, background checks and medical training.

Our counselors have been with Cycle Ranch through several events including our open practices, racing and training camps. They are focused on keeping everyone safe while making sure we all have a fun time.


Our camps include both boys and girls. Sleeping areas are separated but all other actives are inclusive.

Camp Rules

Collapsible row

Collapsible row

Collapsible row

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What to & What Not to Bring



This camp along with everything else in life is about what you bring to and put into it. Bring an open mind and positive outlook for best experience.


Bring enough clothing for each day of camp including PJ's. Be sure to have extras of everything because you will get dirty.


Feel free to bring any personal riding gear & equipment you may have.


Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, and any preferred soaps/shampoos.


Bring your favorite pillow in a case and sleeping bag.


Bring any medications & medicines along with instructions on how to use. If you have special conditions please inform us.


We have BMX & MTB mountain bike trails and a giant pavilion that is great for skateboarding, inline and roller skates.


Do not bring things that are distractions to the camp.

This includes:

Pets, Game consoles, ipads and other screens in general.

Candies & foods with artificial flavors and colors. These harmful ingredients will limit your ability to focus and perform physically.

A sour attitude.