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Cycle Ranch



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We always welcome our community to come out and ride. We are open daily for riding. 

Although it is not required you can book your trip in advance.

Our pro-shop carries fuel, tires, gear, goggles and select parts - use the search our site or call us at 323.484.6686

Our normal prep schedule is as follows:

Thursday Night Track is Prepped during the day (all other tracks are open to ride) for riding 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. practice. Littles have 20 minute slots at the top of the hour from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Friday National track is being prepped so it is closed for the day. All other tracks are open for riding. We do touch up Jr., Vet, Turn Tracks & Trails so they may be closed for short periods on this day. The night track is usually the ideal track to ride on Fridays as it was full prepped the day before.

Saturday Full Prep on National Track & usually all but the night track have been rebuilt. 

Sunday Spot Prep & Water on the National Track and other tracks as needed.

Monday's are usually the best days for roughest conditions with descent moisture and the tracks will deteriorate through out the week until we start the cycle all over again.

We consistently update and maintain the facility so that you always have a place to ride and great experience. Prep schedule changes with weather and seasons so check our instagram or facebook for the latest updates. Always feel free to DM us on these channels or call us at 323.484.6686 for the latest conditions.

Camping spots are limited so please always book in advance.

Save time at the gate and get your tickets in advance online here.

Yes we do take cash and cc at the gate.


8:00AM-4:30PM - Daily & Night Track from 5:00PM-10:00PM - Thursday's 

We have something for all ages, levels, styles and interests 14 different areas to play including:


Bring out the whole family.

On the weekends enjoy our cafe with great lattes, smoothies, snacks, salads & burgers.

Bring the little ones and take advantage of our playroom equipped with games, books and toys. 

Use the chat or call us with any questions!

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