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Elevate your motorcycle experience with ODI Handlebars! Designed for performance, comfort, and durability, these handlebars by Origin Design Inc. are a favorite among enthusiasts and pros. Explore our range of ODI Handlebars, featuring innovative designs and top-notch grip technology. Shop now and upgrade your ride! 

ODI Handlebars are a type of motorcycle handlebar designed and manufactured by ODI (Origin Design Inc.), a company known for its high-quality grips and handlebar technology. Here are some key features and information about ODI Handlebars:

Types of ODI Handlebars:

  • CFT Podium MX Handlebars: These handlebars feature ODI’s patented Controlled Flex Technology, which dampens forces to the body, reduces fatigue, and allows riders to ride harder.
  • MX Bar Mount Oversized Handlebar Pads: These pads are designed to fit most styles of oversized handlebars and provide high-density foam for reduced rider injury.


  • High-strength seamless double-butted 2014-T6 alloy construction
  • Shot-peened and hard anodized for improved durability
  • Knurled clutch slide for improved adhesion with use of Slip-On Moto Grips
  • Lazer etched logos
  • Oversized 1-1/8" clamp diameter for improved bar/clamp grip
  • Designed for use with 1" Harley Davidson hand controls


  • Provides a comfortable and secure grip for riders
  • Reduces vibration and chatter caused by extreme riding
  • Allows for improved control and handling
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Available in various styles and sizes to fit different motorcycles and riding styles


ODI Handlebars are designed to provide a high level of performance, comfort, and durability for motorcycle riders. With their unique features and benefits, ODI Handlebars are a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts and professional riders alike.

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