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Learn to Ride - Bring your own Bike (group)

Learn to Ride - Bring your own Bike (group)

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Ever wanted to learn how to ride?

Every Saturday at 10:00 we host group training classes so here's your chance in just an hour and a half you can be on your way to two wheel proficiency.

90 minutes of group instruction, Jr or Sr riding pass  & daily membership.

Additional instruction time is available at $75/hr. 

Bike Rentals are available too.

Important info:
Please wear pants, jersey, boots, gloves, and goggles & arrive 30 minutes prior to lesson to complete check in.

Book here and we will contact you to confirm your enrollment. As always you can use the chat, @thecycleranchmx on instagram or call us with any questions. 323.484.6686

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